I Surprise Myself

I Surprise Myself Every Day: Unleash Your Authentic Leadership Potential

Online Course

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey and become an authentic servant leader? Look no further than our ground-breaking online course, “I Surprise Myself Every Day.”

Based on Alain’s highly acclaimed book of the same name, this course is designed to help you unleash your leadership potential, legitimize your power, and elevate your impact on those around you.

What sets this course apart is the unique blend of Alain’s 20 years of coaching experience, expertise in facilitating creativity, and his ability to intertwine logical thinking with intuitive thinking. By exploring the methodology of the GROW model, this course takes you on a journey that will awaken the creative artist within you and empower you to surprise yourself rather than others.

Throughout the 12 modules of this 12-week course, you will delve into the core principles of authentic leadership and acquire practical and tested coaching techniques. Each module consists of one hour of facilitated group coaching, allowing you to engage with fellow participants and learn from shared experiences.

Module Highlights:

Module 1: What is coaching? Discover the key dimensions of being an “artist coach” and learn transformative coaching techniques that will shift energy and perspectives.

Module 2: Who am I, really as a human being? Uncover your true essence by integrating body sensations, thoughts, and feelings, enhancing your intelligence and empathy in coaching communication.

Module 3: The G.R.O.W model for coaching Explore the essence of coaching through the GROW model and learn how to shift perspectives to unlock new possibilities.

Module 4: Formulate an aspirational Goal Focus on what you truly want and manifest your purpose in life through your work.

Module 5-8: Reality Check your goal in five domains Evaluate the alignment of your environment, behavior, skills, meta-skills, beliefs, values, and identity with your goals.

Module 9: Open new possibilities Break free from dominant thinking patterns and discover innovative approaches to problem-solving.

Module 10: Wrap-up Take decisive action and create new habits that support your growth and development as an authentic leader.

Module 11-12: Practice coaching in front of the group and questions Apply your coaching skills and receive valuable feedback from the group to refine your approach.

This course is ideal for corporate managers who aspire to become coach managers, striking a balance between providing solutions and coaching their teams to find their own. It is also valuable for executive teams aiming to enhance active listening, powerful questioning, and mutual support within their ranks.

Enrol in “I Surprise Myself Every Day” today and embark on a transformative journey to become an authentic servant leader. With Alain’s expertise, the power of the GROW model, and the support of a vibrant community, you’ll be well-equipped to create a deep meaning for your work, empower your team, and achieve remarkable results.

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