My Courses

TEAM COACHING to improve team performance and collaboration.

Discover the Genius Collage Process for Intuitive problem solving

A unique way to help participants to change role at will and make the implicit in meetings, explicit.

Group Coaching Course: A quick and simple Self-Coaching methodology for your continuous Growth.

TEAM BUILDING to create effective collaboration and team cohesion

Team Building using Biodanza for organisations

Group Coaching Course: Activate the body qualities in you of the earth, fire, air, water, heart, and space to raise your leadership to the next level.

GROUP COACHING to share experiences and learn from one another

Team Coaching to boost performances based on Alain’s book “success DNA” to  exchange your STRENGHTS/TALENTS through 5 belief-questions.

Group Coaching Course: Teams lead by Coach-Managers are 20% more productive.

Group coaching of 5 participants based on Alain’s book “I Surprise myself every day” in order to unleash your creative and authentic Leadership Style.

A 3hrs facilitated breakfast to share concerns and solutions between C-Suite executives.

How to switch from an anxious critical learner to a curious positive learner based on Shirzad Chamine’s book on “Positive Intelligence”.

Powerful Questions will transform your best affirmations into affirmActions and your Strengths into transferable Talents.

TRAINING COURSES to create a learning culture that fosters continuous improvement

Group coaching based on Alain’s book “Think Smart” to learn techniques to think more creatively and how to use and trust your intuition.

Group coaching to learn from the art of imperfection such as “It is not good enough!

How to maintain empathy under pressure and to respond appropriately instead of reacting emotionally?

Mass-coaching for 50 to 60 participants

Training intervention in 6 sessions

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