Alain Helps Successful Executives to become even more successful… Effortlessly!

As an executive coach, I’m on a mission to help successful executives achieve happiness and greater success. It all starts with being powerful, not forceful, in achieving your goals and living a meaningful life. Negative self-talk only leads to a negative and unsuccessful life, and that’s why I’m here to help reframe your sabotaging self-talk into new empowering questions that bring out the best in you.

Together, we’ll break down the barriers holding you back and help you operate at your best, feeling happier and more fulfilled than ever before. And the best part? You can share these powerful questions with your team and family, helping them grow, feel happier, and excel even further.

I help successful people to become even more successful by following their bliss.

Five-step process to model and exchange your Strengths/Talents based on Alain’s book : Success DNA” to elevate your team’s performance

Group coaching of 5 participants based on Alain’s book “I Surprise myself every day” in order to unleash your creative and authentic Leadership Style.

A unique methodology to solve business problem with intuition

Get guidance from up to 4 leading coaches in just 1 hour before making crucial choices

A unique coaching way to elevating the level of intelligence in the group conversations to exchange wisdom rather than information.

To help you make your questions even more powerful, I’m offering you a gift – click on your cell phone on   

The password is :   onecirclehr

I’ve coached countless CEOs, Directors, senior executives, and young talents from various industries, including banking. I’ve even published three business books on creative tools, modelling excellence, and simple but powerful coaching techniques.

But it’s not just about your work life; it’s about your personal life too. I’ll help you discover and express your true leadership voice, work more effortlessly, and manage stress better. We’ll tackle difficult conversations, speed up meetings, and reframe negative language into positive language. Together, we’ll create a self-coaching program to sustain and improve your performance even further.

I’m excited to work with you and help you achieve the success and happiness you deserve. Let’s get started!

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