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Self-coaching Journal

What if the language that we use was insufficient for the territory that we have already entered? – David Whyte

What made me start these collages?

I am twice an engineer and an international executive coach.
For me, coaching is the art of asking powerful questions and to mixt logic with intuition. So during Covid-19 to break up the time spent behind my computer
screen and to avoid being burnt out by too many online meetings, I started to cut magazines to make collages as a way to deeply relax and use my intuition.

Why did I use collage as a way to release my stress and open my mind?

Art bypass the mind and help us to land in a different place. Art is taking us inside our self. A shape in a collage has no word to define it. So it allows us to
explore a feeling, a sensation beyond the limitation of language.

The idea to make a coaching journal came from my wife, after I did more than 130 collages.

Purpose of this journal.

This journal will show you how to answer powerful questions more effectively and how to develop your ability to self-reflect in order to gain access to what
you know, but you didn’t know that you knew (i.e. Your implicit beliefs and values).
This self-coaching journal is designed to activate your logical left brain as well as your intuitive right brain by looking at the collage as a potential metaphor
for the questions in each step.

The value of journaling:

Journaling is a form of active meditation where you observe your inner world and make it more conscious. You progressively become the silent witness of
your inner world and get new insights about who you think you are and what
you are supposed to do about it!

Develop deeper Self-reflection ability

Today, everybody has access online to the same information. So, a competitive edge in the future will be to be able to reflect on and transform any information
on the web into useful knowledge.

How to ask a question so that you are not lost in your mind?

Powerful questions are often outside of you while deep questions are inside of
i.e. A powerful question to reveal your values: What is important for you?
i.e. A similar but deeper question to reveal your values: Why does it matter so
much to you?

How to use this journal?

Instructions for Self-enquiry: Look within yourself.

Approach the proposed questions in each step in a factual

You are required to think logically in terms of how to respond to the questions in
each step.

Question: Where do you want to live?
Answer: I would love to live on an Island.
If you want to go further continue asking questions such as:
Why… an island? or How come… that you prefer to live in an island? Etc.
And answer these in a matter of fact sort of way. Then journal it!

Note: At first your logical mind may have nothing to say. In which case, how can you access your intuitive self in order to create a more authentic answer?
As you will discover in order to enter this non-logical state of mind, there may be certain things you can do in order to facilitate this transition.

The most obvious one is to simply wait until an image, or a feeling or an answer arises spontaneously on the screen of your mind.

In the process of waiting, you will become aware of how your brain switches from logical processing to a state of free thinking and intuitive response.

Notice the state of transition because this is your doorway to your intuitive self. This exercise is similar to the Rorschach inkblot test. Once you have your answer, continue journaling in this dream like state. Listening to relaxing music that you enjoy while journaling may help you to dive deeper.

The above approach to wait and stay at the boundary of your ignorance is the easiest way to transition from a logical state of thinking to a more intuitive
state. Anyone can do it, just by simply waiting and having the patience to remain with the question asked. However, most people give up after the initial
unpleasant feeling of not having an obvious answer.

In another hand, if you want to do this in a more serious fashion about a more pertinent question to which you may require assistance, coaching is offered. In
which case you will interact with myself or one of our professional coaches in “C5 Beyond Coaching” who will take you much deeper that you may go on your

Your personal journey: Your path on this self-knowledge ….
• Write your experience in your journal.
• Reflect on your answers:
What do you become more aware of?
How will you use this new awareness in the future?

These 8 steps will lead you progressively toward reinventing yourself.

Table Of Content

Purpose: How to stay relevant while avoiding being burnout?

You don’t need to wait to fix all your problems to choose to be happy!

1. Does your environment echo and support all the facets of who you are?
2. Is your behavior delivering what you expected?
3. Are your skills still relevant?
4. Are your beliefs empowering or disempowering you?
5. Are your values in the right order of priority?
6. Check if your Vision is inspirational.
7. Could you develop an agile identity?
8. Your empowering action plan to reinvent yourself.

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