Team Building

Team Building using Biodanza for organisations

Leadership is to put people in movement toward an objective!

Purpose of the Team Building:

As twice an engineer, I used mainly the language of my head to solve any “problem-questions”. not realizing that I was giving little attention to the language of my heart and of my body. Now I use my head, heart and body in harmony before answering to a problem-question.

The more we protect and shield ourselves from the world, the less we move.  However, the stiffness and hardness of the armoured body means that it not only keeps out all threat and danger, but it also disconnects us from life.  Rigidity blocks the vital energy and force that is our expression of life.  Vitality ebbs away and the body becomes frozen.
Movement is the key.  And even more powerful is movement that involves emotion and feeling.  Dance is the movement.  Music is the emotion.  When we combine the these in a safe and holding environment it is possible to unfreeze the body bit by bit.  Each time we reach out into our liberated movement we invite the body to let go a little more.  Each time we connect to joy in our movements, we invite our heart to trust life a little more.  Each time we find pleasure in our movement, we reconnect to life in deeper and more meaningful ways.

Choose your own theme for the day

Here are some examples

  • Exploring Authentic Leadership
  • Increasing Self-Confidence
  • Improving relationships in the team
  • Living our values
  • Problem solving using body intelligence
  • Increasing our enthusiasm
  • Exploring our life purpose
  • Etc…

An international coach / facilitator (English and French)

Alain Willem holds two engineering degrees, is a specialist in nuclear power. He is also a yoga teacher, a Biodanza facilitator for organisations, an executive coach and a coach supervisor. Alain has over 20 years’ experience of coaching both in RSA and internationally. He has written 3 books and integrates executive coaching with life coaching at a deep level. Alain excels in activating the extra-ordinary qualities in successful executives and assists them in making those talents work for their teams.

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