Well-Being and Resilience


How to become more satisfied with your work and life and avoid burnout

Why Psychological Wellbeing?

Many of us are suffering from some fatigue, and it is now imperative that we bounce back and reinvent ourselves to move forward with confidence, optimism, and determination.

This programme offers an experiential learning intervention for participants to develop psychological wellbeing and lead themselves with greater authenticity in order to feel better and function more effectively.

Participants will be fully equipped to cope with challenges and the stress posed by constant change.

This series is aimed at professionals, leaders and teams and consists of nine sessions of one hour each week with proposed daily practices.

Psychological well-being: the benefits

  • Know yourself better and create an inspirational life’s purpose
  • Design useful and positive meaning in your narrative
  • Act with increased kindness and feel better
  • Trust your opinion so that you can manage any situation
  • Establish and maintain strong boundaries to avoid burnout
  • Become aware of your limiting assumptions and cultural bias
  • Communicate better and build positive relationships with others
  • Learn to include and transcend opposite views
  • Become more satisfied and relaxed with your work and your life

Psychological Wellbeing: Agenda (9 weekly sessions)

  1. Who am I really? What is my purpose?
  2. How could you reinvent yourself to feel better?
  3. Establish and maintain strong boundaries
  4. Develop your self-enquiry skill to access wisdom and peace
  5. Reframe your narrative to feel more inspired
  6. Learn to deal calmly with conflicts
  7. Communicate better with yourself to tame your self-critic
  8. Communicate and improve your relationship with others
  9. Design a plan to feel inspired moving forward


  • This series comprises nine, one-hour virtual sessions, conducted over Zoom or Microsoft Teams.
  • Sessions are schedules once a week at a regular time for a period of nine weeks
  • Groups are limited to 6 participants organised in groups to best personalise the practices
  • Each participant will choose a team mate to support each other during the course
  • Participants will be able to engage during the sessions
  • Each session will be recorded and available live for participants to review for a week
  • A daily practice to improve wellbeing will be proposed after each session
  • The cost is for the full programme of 9 sessions and up to 8 participants.


Alain holds two engineering degrees, is a specialist in nuclear power. He is also a yoga teacher, an executive coach and a coach supervisor.

Alain has over 20 years’ experience of coaching both in RSA and internationally.

He has written 3 books and integrates executive coaching with life coaching at a deep level.

Alain excels in activating the extra-ordinary qualities in successful executives and assists them in making those talents work for their teams.

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